Hot water in the house is essential for cleanliness and comfort, especially in winter, when you cannot. The easiest way is to get an electric water heater. It is a device that can heat water and distribute it through a shower or kitchen pipeline. Even if such products have been around for a long time, we should accept that manufacturers do not surprise us by offering more modern and stylish products. Therefore, the characteristics of such devices are constantly improving, and hot water in the home has become more accessible.

AO Smith HeatBot-SZS-015 - SILVER Storage 15 Litre Vertical Water Heater (Geyser) Silver - 5 Star

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If you think it is only difficult to take a bath in winter, then washing hands in ice water is also a terrible experience, then you are wrong. Anyone who needs hot water for all small needs should install the AO Smith Heatboat SZS-015-DG15 Liter Storage Water Geyser, providing warm and comfortable water in winter to minimize any problems. Does. The 15 liter capacity is perfect for your needs. These geysers are designed to provide you with hot water that can tell you your needs. Five Star Rating.


Convenient design


It with advanced temperature control. The energy meter displays the energy consumption. AO The Smith Heatboat SZS-015-DG is equipped with a 15 liter geyser storage water, a reservoir lined with blue diamond glass for 2x corrosion resistance for absolute use. It also comes with a long-lasting anode rod that doubles its life even in difficult water conditions.

Good performance


AO Smith Heatboat SZS-015-DG 15 Liter Storage Geyser provides soothing hot water for all purposes. It offers a high level of performance. It comes with a wireless remote control for easy control. Automatic On is equipped with an intelligent timer mode for automatic off. Thermal shut-off and multifunctional safety valves provide double protection. The power is 2000 watts. A pressure of 8 bar is given.