Have you wanted to install a best water purifier at home for a long time, but it is difficult to choose from so many models? This question has also arisen for us, and that is why we have decided to do a little research about this topic and show you what are the Best water filters to choose, and we have also done a survey, in which the most water filter sold is the 2020.

For a few years now, there has been increasing interest in the water purifier we use. This is not only due to health and hygiene reasons, but given the growing awareness that the water we drink contains pollutants that can negatively affect our health over time. This is due to the increasing awareness of climate change and the pollution caused by humans in our ecosystem, and especially in our oceans, which is already recognized as a crisis of global character today. Microplastic was found in 83% of all tap water samples taken from hundreds of homes in various investigations conducted on 4 continents.

This situation is leading more and more families to consider using water filters at home as an alternative to buying bottled water. These devices allow us to trap and eliminate particles that can be harmful to our health through the use of various neutralizing agents such as activated carbon or ultraviolet light. There are currently hundreds of different models on the market, which in turn use different filtration methods.

Blue Star Aristo RO+UV AR4BLAM01 7-Litre Water Purifier

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Enjoy superior water conservation with the stunning Blue Star Aristo RO + UV AR4BLAM01 7 liter water purifier that works efficiently giving you easy access to pure drinking water at all times. The water purifier provides protection against RO and UV to ensure your water quality to the highest standards. Indicators inform you about the operation of the water level of the water purifier and reservoirs to provide a convenient user experience. The excellent features combined with the space-saving design make it an ideal water purification option for you. So stay healthy by enjoying the luxury of pure drinking water with this bright and feature-rich design. Blue Star now introduces a water purifier for your home that combines advanced technologies to bring you the best water.

 Efficient performance


Blue Star Aristo RO + UV AR4BLAM01 Water Purifier provides you pure crystal clear water free of bacteria and other microbes, which helps in protecting your health. The protection of 6-stage RO filtration systems combines different types of filtration while UV protection effectively kills bacteria for water purification. Digital sterilization further ensures that you can get fully filtered water while the filter delivers room temperature water which makes it a very useful option. Filled with features like a large 7-liter storage tank, filter change alert, and full tank indicator, the Aristo is the perfect symbol of elegance and purity.


 Experimental use


In addition to its amazing water purification, the Blue Star Aristo RO + UV water purifier provides a very convenient design to use. The Pure comes with a high capacity 7-liter storage tank to give you plenty of pure water, while the full tank indicator lets you know when your pure tank is full. Copper is infected with activated carbon, which not only removes odors, and volatile organic compounds from water but also has anti-biracial properties. It comes with a child lock system to prevent unnecessary water wastage. Therefore, Blue Star Precision Pure Water 5 Carbon Filter ATB UV Lamp 6, 3 Sediment Filter 2 External Pre-Filter 1 4 RO Membrane Pre-Carbon Filter makes Eleanor the best air purifier available. RO + UV version Water prevents the growth of germs and secondary contamination, making it ideal for everyday use, perfectly suited for your kitchen and an ideal addition to your home.